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For over thirty years, New York City Signs & Awnings has been a trusted source for cafe barriers and sidewalk barricades for both commercial and residential businesses in New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area.  As a full service signs and awnings company, we design, manufacture, and install a wide variety of sign and awning products in addition to our sidewalk and cafe barriers. 

Throughout the years we have worked with some of the most prominent and well-known businesses and commercial facilities in New York City. The areas we service include all boroughs of NYC and the surrounding areas, as well as New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, Maryland and Washington DC.

Specializing in Cafe Barriers

The need for sidewalk barriers and sidewalk barricades has given us the opportunity to specialize in these important products. Sidewalk barriers have become a large part of our services and our customers have relied on us to supply the most innovative, well designed, quality made sidewalk barriers in the tri state area.

We now offer branded sidewalk cafe barriers to any location in the US or Canada!  Your barriers can be manufactured to your exact specifications including colors, graphics, logos, materials and length, then shipped direct to you.

All of our products are custom designed for advertising and visibility.  We expertly match our client’s branding, logo, graphics and colors with a uniquely designed product that advertises and identifies your business.

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With offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Inwood, and Philadelphia we have positioned ourselves to supply and provide storage for a variety seasonal products such as vestibules, sidewalk café barriers, and umbrellas.

We pride ourselves on creating a network of facilities and support personnel to quickly and efficiently supply these products and services.

New York City Signs & Awnings can also supply these areas with custom signage, awnings, pergolas, and all our other great products and services.

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